Every day- David Levithan

Every day was one of the books I wanted to read but somehow, the reading matter got delayed :p. Finally, I read it and I have to say, I absolutely adored it. I love the idea of the soul swapping. Every day, waking up in a different body but still being you- it’s brilliant. It’s one of the books you have to read to understand why I have fallen in love with it. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Its like, I would be unraveling everything if I did. When I read the tagline of the book, I was literally in awe. It just grabs your attention and honestly, even with the body swapping, our lead protagonist is honest about his feelings and is consistent. Plus, I love reading books from a guy’s POV , it just adds to a little different type of drama. The plot is generalizable because the bodies the lead swaps into are so different and everyone has something unique to offer,  and knowing the fact that you are also borrowing their memories,  yet you are being true to yourself, knowing your own standing point was something I enjoyed reading. So check it out :). I am really excited for the next part.

Teaser: “I don’t love him!”

Me: “I had a feeling :D”

My Rating:

4 RoboRating



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