Lila- Sarah Alderson

I read Hunting Lila and Losing Lila while I was dying from sleep but definitely motivated to read. I enjoyed reading it,  the plot was funny and interesting. There were a few things which I expected way before I read it but still it didn’t annoy me. I just went like, I knew it! lol.  In my mind I was reading a contemporary novel when I picked it up, but it turns out I wasn’t- it’s all because of the fact that I don’t read synopsis 😛 I like to go into books blind and then falling in love with the world, characters and every other connection. I have a thing for EO’s so the moment that part was revealed in the plot, I was sold :P.  That’s all I can say without leaving major spoilers.


Hunting Lila: “What are you guys – Married or something? Promise, or I’m not telling.”

Me: “Way to go.”

Losing Lila: “You acted like I didn’t even exist.”

Me: “Don’t care about it.”

My Ratings: (BOTH)

4 RoboRating







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