Blood Magic – Tessa Gratton

I read Blood Magic last month and I wanted to write a review, but I have been so lazy these days its just weird. I always end up reading books involving magic. I was kind of excited about this one, because some one recommended this series ,so, I decided to check it out- and I had to read a grey cover book for my birthstones challenge:p. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I did feel sometimes the story went a little slow but that’s just my opinion. Plot wise I think there was a lot to offer. It didn’t particularly remind me of any other series, and I believe that I have read quite a few series about magic. Just the way it was written, reminded me a little of the Immortal series by Gillian Shields , and that was just due to the change in story due to past and present storylines. I think I enjoyed the ending more. I am planning to read the next part soon, and its a duology. That’s going to be interesting. I am not digging the couple but apart from that I fairly enjoyed reading it, the plot is pretty much crazy- in a good way.

Teaser: “I am Josephine Darly, and I intend to live forever.”

Me: “Death is much sweeter.”

My Rating:4 RoboRating



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