Delirium Trilogy- Lauren Oliver

In my head, I had done a review for Delirium but apparently, I was wrong :p- but I still feel like this is going to be my second review on Delirium:O. I think I finished both Pandemonium and Requiem this month. For starters, the world in Delirium is just crazy. What’s the point of  fearing the disease, when at the end of the day you guys are still match making? I am seriously questioning the authorities right now. I just couldn’t bring myself to read the Matched trilogy by Allie Condie which has a similar structural world. Back to Delirium, I enjoyed reading it, I liked the characters and everything. Lena didn’t bother me much in the first one. I watched the tv series, and omg they ruined everything, like it was so rushed I was like whattttt… I was quite upset that they ruined it sort of. I think only the guys looked their parts, Lena was so different in my head.  Well, should forget that, it’s a lost cause now.

Pandemonium plot was a bit too obvious for me, like I knew things way before they actually happened. It was a nice twist but I really liked the end of this one. I liked the end of Delirium as well.  I didn’t hate the introduction of the new characters. I seemed to like Julian’s character as well, but Lena didn’t inspire me that much. I think I like their couple more than I liked Alex and Lena. I was Team Alex in the first but I think I might have changed my team in the second.

In Requiem, I was kind of satisfied with the storylines and characters,  but I hated that ending so much. I was hoping for a more definite ending, and they left me with an open one ;p. Over all, the trilogy is interesting in it’s own way. Didn’t hate the author’s writing style and the idea. I hated Hana’s character till  the end. Didn’t feel anything for her. I think I liked the old Lena more. She was physically there, but emotionally she bothersome for me. The plot stick in your head and that’s always a positive.


Delirium:” I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.”

Pandemonium: “Don’t believe her.”

Requiem: “If you’re not with me, you’re against me. And tolerance is not one of my virtues. Cassie would tell you that, but I’m afraid she doesn’t get much of an audience these days.”

My Ratings:

Delirium:4 RoboRating

Pandemonium and Requiem:

3 RoboRating




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