Young,Gifted and Dead – Lucy Carver

When I started reading Young, Gifted and Dead, I already had a plot and storyline developed in my brain :p. Obviously, what I thought I was reading about wasn’t the plot. I think I have read quite a few books involving academy’s, and I do enjoy reading about them. My hopes were pretty high for this one, and I don’t know why but I like the book cover. It grabs your attention. Back to the plot, I think the plot had a lot to offer – murder plots always have that. The story is pretty interesting but I had trouble with the author’s writing style. I just couldn’t grasp it, it was like I was just reading-  no mental fireworks were happening here and there. The love line developed too quickly for me. I felt like it was being thrown at me :p. I don’t know how I felt about Alyssa while reading the book, I don’t know if I love her as a female protagonist.  I felt like I was hanging on a thread. A lot of characters which I truly hated. The other things happening in the storyline made me like the book.

Teaser: “I didn’t know I was stealing him from anyone.”

My Rating:

3 RoboRating



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