Guest Post: TOP 10 BOOKS of 2014

I have Honey from Gaga Over Books on my blog today and she will talk about her favorite books she has read in 2014.

Hello everyone. I am Honey or you can call me Red I don’t mind. I will enlist from the books I have read so far my top 10 Books.

Genre: Fantasy

Unhinged – Sequel to Splintered
This re-telling of Alice in the Wonderland is a perfect mix of deceit, romance, and adventure unlike any other before. I had loved the introduction to this world crafted by A.G. Howard and this sequel was more than perfect. If you like fantasy, classic re-tellings, and craziness and then this is your book.

Genre: Contemporary

Party Girl
I read this book back in February and I super enjoyed it. It is a sweet sweet book and it made me so happy. If you like cute contemporary’s with a headstrong female lead this is your book. My full review if you feel like reading it. :p

Genre: Dystopia

Ignite Me – Finale to the Shatter Me Trilogy
This book was so good. After disastrous/sad endings to my other beloved trilogies such as Divergent Trilogy and the Legend Trilogy, this was a happy one although it did feel rushed at the end and left me wanting more of the characters. My review. :p

Genre: Contemporary

Rainbow Rowell exploded in the book world this year I have read all her books now except the newly released Landline and I am so excited to get my hands on it. From the three books I have read, Attachments is my favorite novel. It is in email format with regular chapter formats in between. This is an adult contemporary. Really cutesy. Had so much fun reading it.

Genre: Contemporary

My Life Next Door
This book was making book news everywhere when it was released last year and there is still too much hype about it and I finally picked it up this year. And I absolutely loved it. It isn’t your normal cutsey cheesy contemporary- it has its cutesy moments but there is also some real life drama. And me likes iiit.. D:

Genre: Contemporary

What I Thought Was True
Another Huntley Fitzpatrick, I really enjoyed this book. Another cutesy book but with real life problems ingrained in the lives of our leads. My feelings.

Genre: Supernatural

City of Heavenly Fire 
If you haven’t ventured into Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter world I recommend that you do it. If you don’t feel like reading her Mortal Instruments series after watching the disastrous City of Bones film adaptation– do read her The Infernal Devices books- I promise they are fantabulous. As for this conclusion to her TMI series, it was amazing mostly because it featured the characters from her upcoming spin-off and cameos from beloved characters from TID. Cassie had us all scared of things were going to be in this finale but everything was amazing and finely executed.

Genre: Contemporary

The Distance Between Us 
I really enjoyed this book. This book was about a relationship that is formed between a rich guy and a somewhat poor girl. Yeah, you can say it hasn’e been seen before but I loved the way it was portrayed in this book. ALso, I loved the female leads dry humor. I am known to be dry like her form time to time. Me telling you how much I love this book. XP

Genre: Mystery

The sequel to Fracture that I read back in 2012 and loved. This sequel was as awesome as the first book. Love Decker. Love Megan Miranda’s haunting writing.

Genre: Thriller

Don’t Look Back 
From the minute I started reading this book I was hooked. JLA’s first thriller book it was amazing. Although a little predictable it was a super tensed journey as we experienced it with out lead. If you haven’t checked Jennifer L. Armentrout you can start by this stand-alone novel. My thoughts.

These are my top 10 books so far. I have others as well but they are part of series/trilogies and so I didn’t include them in. D:

I have yet to read more books and this list is bound to change. Nonetheless, all of these are really good and just fab. T_T

I would like to thank Vlvet for having me on her blog today. (:

Thank You, Honey. It was really nice having you on the blog today.


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