Midnight Thief – Livia Blackburne

I have stopped reading books for a while, and enjoyed summer just hanging out with people. I read Midnight Thief in mid July and I haven’t read anything else :p. I am planning to grab a book soon :). Back to the book, I really enjoyed reading it and it’s a high fantasy. This one has shapeshifters , magic,  all the other cool stuff lol. A quick read, fast pace storylines and loads of thriller stuff.  Imagining it visually is just a treat.I enjoyed the change of POV’s. Really liked that romance was not the top priority. This would be my first thief book, I am assuming, but the characters are engraved in my brain and that’s great. Plus, I adored Kyra and I really like the cover. I am planning to read the next part, whenever it comes out.:)

Teaser: “So either I die now, or later.”

Me: “Choose wisely :P”

My Rating: 4 RoboRating


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