In The After- Demitria Lunetta

In The After was a book, I had my eyes on for quite some time. Finally, I got the chance to read it, and it was such a delight. I don’t find myself reading many alien novels and liking them, but I definitely liked this one. I like when books are written in section styles(part 1,2 and so on). I found this one mentally disturbing. I had a feeling how the plot would continue, when I completed midway but I am so happy with that ending. I think the plot has a lot to offer and on different levels. I think that the plot cleverly focuses on every angle, allowing to witness things slowly and gradually, but never going over the top. I loved Amy and Baby’s relationship. The level of stress this book can offer is mind blowing. I think stuff kept happening and not a single moment, I felt the protagonist relaxed. The plot made me feel this- The world turned upside down, turned, twisted and eventually shattered everything left behind. It does have a little bit of Resident Evil feel to it, Resident Evil meets The Walking Dead. Something like that.

Teaser: “I am so sorry that this happened to you.”

Me: “:O”

My Rating:4 RoboRating


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