Shadowlands, Hereafter – Kate Brian (Shadowlands Trilogy)

I was planning to do a review on Shadowlands Trilogy after I read them all, but I couldn’t wait, so, here I am. I had fun with this one, the plot was interesting and confusing at the same time. I felt like I had to know what was happening-it was like a trance. The beginning was disturbing, but I loved the start. I liked the way the plot unravels. It was creepy, mysterious and frustrating as well- in a good way. I hadn’t expected it to end on the note it did but I was quite satisfied with the ending. That ending gives you shocks in waves. I liked the characters and the plot pace was great. A random note- I like Shadowlands cover more.

Teaser:”He’s killed fourteen girls in ten states. First he stalks them.Then he hunts them down and…You’re lucky you got away.”

Me: “That’s what I was saying.”

After reading the first one, I couldn’t wait to wrap my hands around Hereafter. In the beginning, I felt that I liked the first book more but with time I grew into the plot. This one has its own level of mystery and shock value. I think it was a good continuation of the plot. There were quite a few betrayals that I didn’t see coming. I am more curious about the shadowlands, like I wanna know exactly what it’s like to be there. After reading the end,  I went like- Whaatttttt, its that type of ending where you are just putting the pieces of the puzzle together and banging your head against the wall. The additional thing that I love about both of them is that romance is not the top priority. I love books where love isn’t the main focus of the plot. I am planning to read Endless soon-hopefully.

Teaser: “That wasn’t selfless; that was revenge.”

Me: “He deserved it.”

My Ratings (Both): 4 RoboRating


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