The Queen of the Tearling – Erika Johansen

The Queen of the Tearling, so, when I picked this book I was really excited and way over my head. But mid way, maybe before that, I was disappointed. I don’t know it was a bit slow or maybe something was wrong with me. Half of the book was about reaching the damn Castle and the rest was about the fact that she is a Queen. There were parts where I was excited about the plot, and then the next second I was

I usually like the different POV’s but in this one, I didn’t. I wasn’t entirely immersed into the world the author wanted to create. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the characters, like I don’t know which character I actually like. The setting was too aggravating to allow me full immersion into the world and the over all plot wasn’t all that riveting. Like, there is something vital missing. I couldn’t imagine the world setting, I couldn’t relate to the protagonist. This sure sounds like a rant.

There is no romance and that’s a plus point for me. If there was OTT romance I would have just pulled my hair out. There is a lot more to life than love, like hope.  Maybe I shouldn’t have expected so much from this one, I am hoping the next part is better than this one.I have to give it a rating of three, because I am reading the next part. In hopes to understand why I read the first one

Teaser: “Everyone dies eventually. I think it’s better to die clean.”

Me: “My love for this one, sure did.”

My Rating:

3 RoboRating



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