The Heir- Kiera Cass

So, I didn’t know that Kiera was writing the fourth book of the series. When I saw the cover I was like, I am going to read you. I don’t think that I love the author’s writing style, I like it but I am not crazy over it. With The Heir I had no expectations, it was a quick read. I was kinda weird-ed out by the Cameo appearances lol, although it was about America’s daughter.;p I recently, finished the trilogy and BAM we have a time jump. I don’t know if I like Eadlyn because it feels like she also doesn’t know what she wants. Like any teenager but then she is a Princess so, I was hoping that she was more level headed and realistic. ¬†Something was off when I read it. I did not like the contestants, the only thing I did like was her relationship to her brother, that was sweet. I think, I still expected more things to happen but the book ended lol. Might read the next part, I don’t know.

Teaser: “Looking good,sis. Practically bridal.”

My Ratings: 3 RoboRating


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