The Witch Hunter – Virginia Boecker

When I started reading The Witch Hunter, I was excited, I wanted to fall in love with it. Look at the cover, it screams— read me. :p I don’t know what happened but the further I read, I didn’t like the plot. šŸ˜„

I don’t know, I was expecting something different than what the plot actually offered. I didn’t like certain characters and somehow it felt haphazard to me. In the start I was interested and curious about everything but somewhere along the middle I was frustrated. I don’t remember a part of the plot I adored. It was just not my cup of tea which is strange because I usually love books involving witches. I was disappointed, I am giving it 3roborating because I might read the next part but it was a 2.5 for me.


ā€œI understand the need for deception. I should; I live a life of it. Distasteful, perhaps. But necessary.ā€

My Rating:

3 RoboRating


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